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Oil Company Fuels Savings with Real-Time Mobile Computing, Thermal Printers

— December 01, 2009

Making a profit in the petroleum delivery industry demands three things: First is having an accurate reading of how many gallons are in a tank so you know when to make a delivery. Second, is knowing how many gallons of each type of product to load. Third, is building optimal routes that allow trucks to deliver the most gallons with the fewest deliveries in the shortest possible time or miles traveled.

But for Corrigan Oil Company, those goals were hampered by manual processes. The lack of efficiency, which resulted from these methods, plus the time required to handle all of that paper, was holding back growth at the company, which distributes light- and heavy-duty fuels and lubricants to customers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

The answer came in the form of a complete solution from SMARTLOGIX, including Motorola mobile computers and low-profile, CT-S310 thermal printers from Citizen.

Slowed by Paper
Corrigan used to start its daily delivery process by printing out more than a thousand orders on three-part forms using dot matrix printers. Then those orders would be torn apart and hand-sorted into delivery routes.

Orders were pre-printed with a set amount, for instance 400 gallons, but often the delivery was slightly more or less; the driver would then re-calculate the order, add taxes, hand-write the new amount and get a signature, leaving one part with the customer. Back at the office, each form had to be reconciled with the original order.

"It was cumbersome, there were opportunities for human errors, and the billing reconciliation was time consuming, slowing the billing process," says Jon DeAngelis, general manager for Corrigan. The process also made it difficult to redirect trucks for last-minute delivery changes, since drivers would have to return to the office for new paperwork. "This is a rapid speed to market business," DeAngelis adds. "We needed the location of the truck and inventory and the ability to re-dispatch."

The Citizen Solution
Corrigan found the answer in SMARTLOGIX and its SMARTRUCK, a software application that offers petroleum distributors a feature-rich, real-time solution for processing orders, managing dispatch functions and digitally capturing delivery information.

Now, orders are automatically downloaded to drivers' Motorola 9090k mobile computers based on optimal routing, and trucks are fueled according to that demand. At the delivery site, the driver is able to pull up the order, capture the correct fueling impressions, gallons, date and time right from the electronic pump meter.

Drivers then quickly generate a neat, accurate receipt, including the customer signature along with the lat/lon of where the register/meter turned on. These are printed on the delivery ticket for complete validation of the delivery. This same image is then stored as a PDF and is available in real time at the office so the accounting department has an identical copy of the ticket left with the customer.

SMARTLOGIX recommended the Citizen CT-S310 for the job partly because of its print speed. "The faster a driver can complete the delivery process the more gallons he can deliver in a day," says Dan Warren, Director of Marketing for SMARTLOGIX. "The speed and accuracy at which the Citizen printer works allows the driver to move seamlessly through his delivery process and thus increase the speed with which he makes deliveries."


End User:
Corrigan Oil Company

Solution Provider: SMARTLOGIX

Vendor: Citizen Systems America, Motorola

Solution: A real-time solution for processing orders, managing dispatch functions and digitally capturing delivery information.

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