A Marketing Solution at the Point of Sale

— February 22, 2011

Increasingly, restaurateurs, and other business owners are looking to integrate marketing functionality into their point of sale systems. Their mission: to target new customers and cultivate repeat business from existing patrons, while reducing advertising expenditures. Hu’s Asian Bistro recently fulfilled this mission by installing flexible Star Micronics printers and other top-tier point of sale components in its two units in Winnipeg, Manitoba. To date, the investment has yielded a 2 percent boost in sales and has significantly expanded the operator’s customer base; advertising costs are down by approximately $1,000 per month.
Hu’s Asian Bistro did not act alone to achieve its objectives; rather, it turned to Winnipeg-based Ideal POS, LTD, for assistance. The operator had previously worked with another VAR, but wanted to find a reseller on which it could count to provide a more consistent level of service, including the desired point of sale/marketing integration piece. Ideal POS had the experience needed to get the job done, along with the right technology: Star Micronics’ TSP143 thermal receipt printers, plus a hardware/software bundle comprised of PAR point of sale hardware and PixelPoint POS point of sale software from PAR Technologies. Rounding out the list of solution components were loyalTXT for PAR PixelPoint, a PAR-certified integration of the loyalTXT text-based customer loyalty application from Sundrop Mobile; and gift and credit card processing solutions from Mercury Payment Systems.
Four PAR point of sale terminals and four Star Micronics printers were installed at each store. Implementation and training took one week per location. The operator then devoted three months to tweaking the system after it went live.
Hu’s Asian Bistro uses the Star Micronics TSP143 printers not only to generate receipts, but to print coupons for special offers and promotions using embedded futurePRNT receipt redesign tools. The tools enable the restaurateur to design these marketing vehicles for maximum appeal by embellishing them with eye-catching images and text. An “Image Import” tool eliminates the need for traditional image preparation work; an unlimited number of image files can be accessed by the control panel, saved by name and prepared for output with a choice of dither methods and no need for “pre-sizing” or “pre-saving”. A “Pre-View” tool allows images to be reviewed during set-up. Other tools facilitate receipt cropping, text replacement, and more. 

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