Worldwide Tablet Market Grows 11% in Second Quarter

7/29/2014 - Despite declining shipments of its iPad product line, Apple managed to maintain its lead in the worldwide tablet market, shipping 13.3 million units in the second quarter. See how the rest of the tablet vendors rank.

Retailers Transform their Supply Chain to Enable Real-time Retailing

7/29/2014 -
Real-time retail bridges the digital and physical worlds to empower and encourage customers to fully experience brands whenever and wherever they choose. To meet this generation of customers’ needs, progressive retailers are shifting their business organization and supply chain away from distinct shopping channels into a seamless, unified, customer-facing experience.

The Top (and Bottom) Reasons Why Retailers are Upgrading Their POS

7/22/2014 - Buying POS can be as much about what clients will gain as what pains they are experiencing with their current systems. VSR takes a look at the leading justifications retailers are giving for augmenting or swapping out their POS solutions. While the top five might not be shocking, the bottom five will surprise you.

Printer Market Sees Huge Shipment Growth

7/22/2014 - The industry achieved record shipment values of $4.4 billion in 2013, fueled by growth in a range of technologies, from mid-production cut sheet to ultra-high volume inkjet systems.

ETA Takes Stand Against Vendor Liability for Merchant Fraud

7/17/2014 - In testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, ETA's VP of Government Affairs, continued the association's call to rein in Choke Point which unfairly targets the payments industry despite proactive voluntary industry self-regulation to detect and eliminate fraud.

SATO Launches Low Cost RFID Print & Verify System

7/14/2014 - The PJM Print & Verify System is a complement of integrated products consisting of PJM RFID printers, PJM RFID and barcode readers, and application software that enable the centralized management of these devices for RFID encoding/printing, and the verification of RFID and barcode data.

Top Headlines from HITEC 2014

7/8/2014 - The present and future of hospitality was on display at HITEC 2014. Here are a few of the categories and headlines that were making waves at HITEC 2014.
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