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Reseller Leads Little Caesar Franchisee to Highest Single-day Sales Ever

— June 15, 2011

Using Sundrop Mobile’s card-less mobile loyalty solution, Freedom Network Communications helped a Little Caesar’s franchisee rapidly built a large opt-in loyalty customer database over 7 weeks then used that database on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 to drive the single highest day of sales the store has ever experienced.
Freedom Network's primary business has been in the telecommunications field, but since some of their customers are restaurants, Owner Jeffrey Fletcher was looking for additional offerings for his clients. When Fletcher became aware of Sundrop Mobile’s loyalTXT solution, he knew he had the perfect value-add solution to offer his restaurant clients. Once of the first clients he approached was Boban Abbate, a Little Caesar’s Franchisee Owner he had known for several years. 
Abbate had already been made aware of text messaging by another Little Caesar’s franchisee and was eager to learn more about it when Fletcher first approached him. Looking for a way to help him grow revenues, Abbate agreed to implement the loyalTXT solution at one of his locations. Key to the success of the program was the rapid database build using Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution, loyalTXT, combined with a simple multi-channel text and voice outbound campaign that drove stunning results. Sundrop’s solution was able to individually track every customer and report redemption rates, opt-out rates, and revenue generation tied directly to the campaign.
Fletcher helped to train the Little Caesars staff to effectively enroll customers and consequently build a database that Abbate could use to communicate with his customers.  After less than two weeks of operating the loyalTXT program, the store had over 800 customers enrolled in their loyalty program. A couple of weeks later, they sent their first promotional text blast and received instant results that provided a positive ROI and significant revenues. Greatly impressed by the results of his initial promotion, Abbate decided to offer another promotion two weeks later, but opted to send a combination of text messaging and pre-recorded voice messaging through loyalTXT’s back office dashboard. The results were overwhelming, and resulted in the single highest revenue day in the three years the store has been open.
The loyalTXT program has become so popular and well known with local residents that many now come into the store requesting to join the loyalty program before the staff has the opportunity to ask them to join. In addition, whenever a promotional blast is sent, many customers now arrive at the store in as little as 15 minutes to redeem their coupons.
“Customer response was overwhelming and the results were spectacular,” Abbate said. “We’re continuing to grow our mobile database rapidly with simple in-store registration and can easily use Sundrop’s dashboard to push out text, email, voice, and social media communications anytime.”

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