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Posted Date: 11/20/2012

Bematech Promotes Program to Support Businesses Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Bematech, a point of sale hardware provider, developed a program to provide relief to businesses affected by the recent storm in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.
Bematech will provide hardware at reduced pricing to businesses whose point of sale systems were damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Bematech’s international facility is located on Long Island and was fortunate enough to sustain the impact of the storm. The company is reaching out to the surrounding community to help repair their damages. This program will offer business owners a way to rebuild their storefront in an enhanced, more efficient way, without paying full price for a solution.

Bematech understands that the repair process may be different in each case so we ask that the end-user and reseller work together to complete the form, which can be found here, and share all of the information requested. Providing as many details as possible will help expedite the process of restoring and replacing damaged hardware. We urge our partners to reach out to their customers regarding this opportunity as we would like to support as many businesses as possible.

Once we receive the form, Bematech will work with partners to piece together a solution that will function best for the particular business. The faster the forms are received, the quicker people in need can be supplied with the appropriate resources to restore their business.

The benefits of the program include tremendous discounts on Bematech’s point of sale hardware. Peripheral pieces, such as mandatory customer displays will be discounted up to 30% off the MSRP. Entire bundle solutions will be discounted as much as 50% off the original MSRP. These discounts will be applied directly to the end-user’s price.

“Bematech has experienced some of the effects of the storm first hand and it is our obligation to support the community and give back in whatever way we can,” stated Wladimir Alvarez, President of the International Division of Bematech. “We hope that the restoration process is fast and look forward to assisting local businesses in getting back on their feet."

For additional information about this program, contact Bematech or email Bridget Farrington directly at bridget.farrington@bematech.com.

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