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The Top (and Bottom) Reasons Why Retailers are Upgrading Their POS
Buying POS can be as much about what clients will gain as what pains they are experiencing with their current systems. VSR takes a look at the leading justifications retailers are giving for augmenting or swapping out their POS solutions. While the top five might not be shocking, the bottom five will surprise you.

ETA Takes Stand Against Vendor Liability for Merchant Fraud
PC Rebound in Mature Regions Stabilizes Market, But Falls Short of Overall Growth in Q2
Gambling on Free POS
A New Era for RFID
How to Add Managed Services to a VAR Business
ScanSource CTO Greg Dixon explains why it's imperative for solution providers to build managed services into their product offerings in order to boost recurring revenue and expand their value add.

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July 2014
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Gambling on Free POS
A New Era for RFID
State of the POS Market Study 2014
40 Years of the Barcode
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George Koroneos, Editor‐in‐Chief, VSR
John Nicewick, Vice President Marketing, Retail Solutions Group, EloTouch Solutions
Ken Feehan, Product Management, EloTouch Solutions
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