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Posted Date: 12/14/2010

Wine Industry Lands Cloud-based ERP Solution

Wine Management Systems (WMS), provider of end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that track all winery activities from vineyard operations through production and bottling, inventory management, and TTB and FDA compliance for wineries and custom crush facilities, announced that it is delivering an ERP solution in a cloud computing environment to the wine industry. Wine Management Systems (WMS) has created an ERP solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX to offer a comprehensive wine management solution from grape to bottle.

By providing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP ‘on demand’ through a monthly subscription model, WMS is making it possible for small to mid-sized wineries and custom crush facilities to afford and leverage the same robust global business management and financial reporting capabilities that have long been in use by larger wineries. The web-based solution delivers all of the robust functionality offered in Dynamics AX at lower total cost of ownership, based on significantly reduced IT, license, and upgrade costs associated with traditional ERP software investments. Applications for the solution include: financial planning, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger fixed assets, cost accounting, invoices, order entry, bills of lading, inventory management, inventory allocation and customer service portal capabilities.

Says WMS Chief Executive Officer Pat Oates, “Wine Management Systems is leveling the playing field for the small to mid-sized winery and custom crush facility. These companies cannot only manage their production processes with WMS from vineyard to store, they can also afford and access the best-in-class, web-based capabilities offered through Microsoft Dynamics AX for improved, end-to-end business management.”

According to Oates, “For a modest monthly fee, Wine Management Systems is providing global business and financial management capabilities that have historically been out of reach from a pricing perspective for the small to mid-sized winery. Whereas most wineries today are using spreadsheets or lower level financial planning tools, Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates to existing systems, streamlining the financial process, and enabling greater visibility and compliance. Clearly, this change is revolutionizing business for many wineries that would not otherwise have access. Larger wineries are also benefitting from the lower total cost of ownership.”

WMS partnered with ERP and supply chain consulting services provider, enVista, to evaluate and implement Microsoft Dynamics AX as a hosted solution for WMS clients. enVista was chosen to be one of Microsoft’s few SaaS partners based on its depth of supply chain consulting experience, and experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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